Alberto Burri and the innovation in printmaking

Alberto Burri was one of the most important artists of the 900′ to put energy and focus on prints and multiples. He always considered the prints as an expressive language itself with great results also thanks to the printmaking masters with whom he worked during the years.

Alberto Burri. “Trittico E”, 1979

He used various tecniques in the graphic works like silkscreen printing, lithograph, etching, collage and other innovative techniques created in order to realize a specific edition. Experimenting with graphic works gave the birth to incredible prints as the Cretti serie, printed by Burri with the historical printmakers of 2RC in Rome. The famous serie of lithograph and plastic collage “Bianchi e neri” (blacks and whites) has a stunning effect thanks to the materic and relief lines. The prints by Alberto Burri are so detailed and special that have such a quality as a unique work. The quality of the printed editions of Burri also determines the economic value of them, this is why public institutions and banks buy also prints to allocate in their assets. Alberto Burri is a pioneer in the printmaking world and he inspired also other artists in dedicating attention and energy in the print making as a expressive language to use as a base also for the unique artworks. Artists as Piero Dorazio, Sam Francis, Giuseppe Santomaso, Ben Nicholson also focused on prints realizing beautiful editions often exhibited also in museums.

As a tool for the prints collectors, there are two important catalogues edited by the Fondazione Alberto Burri and are “Volume V – Grafica”  from the general catalogue of the artworks of the artist and “Alberto Burri. L’opera grafica permanente” that lists all the printed editions exhibited in the permament collection of the Fondazione Alberto Burri in Città di Castello, Italy that is one of the biggest and complete artist’s museums in the world.

The prints of Alberto Burri has always been proposed by Sangallo Fine Art and this is why in the page on Alberto Burri you can find an accurate selection of prints as “Trittico E” a complete portfolio of three silkscreen prints, the etching “Acquaforte F” from 1975 and a beautiful collage from the serie “Bianchi e neri II” from 1969.


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