Opening of the exhibition “Piero Gilardi. Rigenerare la natura”

From 4.08 to 24.09.2023 in the Civic Museums of Palazzo d’Avalos in Vasto, will be held the show titled “Piero Gilardi. Rigenerare la natura” curated by Lorenzo Canova and organized by Sangallo Arte Moderna. The exhibition is one of the first in Europe after the recent passing of the artist and it is an hommage to one of the leaders of the Art Povera movement, among the most important italian and international artist of the Post War period.

In the rooms of Palazzo D’Avalos, Sangallo Arte Moderna will present a selection of more than thirty “tappeti natura” by Piero Gilardi, the most famous series of the artist, started already in the 60’s. Sculptures realized in polyurethane foam that reproduce nature and represent a critic toward the industrialization and pollution. Gilard uses the polyurethan foam, an industrial and chemical product to reproduce and regenerate the nature that the industrialization ruined.

Along with the “tappeti natura” works, will be presented a selection of works on paper and some iconic design objects realized by Piero Gilardi as “Sedilsassi” from 1986. The exhibition has the collaboration of Fondazione Centro Studi Piero Gilardi (Turin) and of the museum Magazzino Italian Art (New York) that contribued with documents and images from their archive for the realization of the catalogue. The vernissage will be on friday 4th of august at 18.30 in the Palazzo D’Avalos Gardens and will continue with the visit of the exhibition inside. For information about the artworks available and about the exhibition, you can visit and write to us through the Contact section of the site.


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Place: Musei Civici di Palazzo D’Avalos, Vasto
Duration: dal 4.08 al 24.09.2023
Museum hours аugust: mon – sun 10 – 13 / 18 – 24
Museum hours september: tue – sun 10 – 13 / 17 – 21
Entry fee: free
Museum phone: +39 0873 367 773 / +39 334 340 7240
Museum mail:

Patronage: Assessorato alla Cultura Città del Vasto, Provincia di Chieti, FAI (delegazione di Vasto)
Sponsors: Metamer, Wide Group, Fontefico

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