Sangallo Fine Art for “Calvino Cantafavole” at Palazzo Ducale

Sangallo Fine Art contributes with the loan of six artworks by Lucio Del Pezzo and Roberto Sebastian Matta to the important exhibition “Calvino Cantafavole” at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. Exhibition curated by Eloisa Morra and Luca Scarlini. Palazzo Ducale welcomes a tribute to Italo Calvino (1923 -1985), as part of the official schedule of the celebrations for the centenary of the writer’s birth and included in the program of cultural initiatives on the occasion of Genoa Italian Capital of the Book 2023. The exhibition – supported by Liguria Region, by the Municipality of Genoa with the Palazzo Ducale Foundation – is organized by the Electa publishing house in collaboration with the Scuderie del Quirinale, Teatro della Tosse and Lele Luzzati Foundation. Media partners: Rai Cultura and Rai Radio 3. Main sponsor of the exhibition is Banca Passadore. The “Calvino cantafavole” exhibition will be held in the spaces of the Loggia degli Abati of Palazzo Ducale from 15 October 2023 to 7 April 2024. Curated by Eloisa Morra, literary critic, curator and Associate Professor of contemporary Italian literature at the University of Toronto, and by Luca Scarlini, writer, playwright for theaters and music, narrator, performance artist, the exhibition – divided into six sections – explores the writer’s relationship with the poetic universe of the fairy tale, recomposing an unexpected and suggestive sentimental geography.


We begin with the creations of Antonio Rubino from Sanremo for the Corriere dei Piccoli, known in childhood and then republished in Einaudi Ragazzi, and then move on to the long-term collaboration with Emanuele Luzzati, investigated through the illustrations of the Genoese master for Calvin’s works but also in the RAI productions in which Luzzati collaborated together with the costume designer Santuzza Calì, whose sketches are displayed in the exhibition. From the magical world of the Tarot, born in Finale Ligure and recalled in a genealogy that reaches as far as Fabrizio de André, we move – faithfully following the author’s writings dedicated to iconographic representation – to the visions of his land, as presented by his painters fellow countrymen and artists such as Francesco Menzio and Enrico Paulucci, to whom he was linked by a friendship. Alongside the map of the many artists Calvino wrote about, all linked to the fantastic – from Enrico Baj to Bona de Pisis, from Domenico Gnoli to Luigi Serafini -, the exhibition combines a journey on fairy tales expressed in their relationships with music, television and theater.


We invite you to visit the exhibition which will be in the rooms of Palazzo Ducale from 10.15.2023 to 4.7.2024.


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