Opening of the exhibition of Paolo Masi and Marco Ercolano

On saturday 1.4.2023 at 18.30 in Sangallo Arte Moderna gallery will open the exhibition “Paolo Masi e Marco Ercolano. Cartoni in concerto” curated by Anthony Molino. The exhibition will put in relationship the artworks of Paolo Masi with the ones by Marco Ercolano, two artists that elevated the cardboard, a poor material, to thee status of artwork.

Paolo Masi is one of the most important artists on the Pittura Analitica, an artistic movement born in the ’70’s and recently  reevaluated internationally. He is protagonist of national and international exhibitions as the Venice biennale in 1978 and the Quadriennale di Roma in 1986. Marco Ercolano, an artist from our region, experiment from 30 yeards many ways of painting and many materials among which the cardboard. Sangallo Arte Moderna will present in the show almost quasi thirty artworks of the two artists, in a path that makes the cardboard again the protagonist of painting.

The event is sponsored by the city’s Culture Department . At the opening the curator will illustrate the exhibition.

For more informations about the show and the artworks on show you can write us to our contacts

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