Piero Gilardi’s current exhibition in Paris

Piero Gilardi. “Dalla Natura all’Arte”. Michel Rein gallery, Paris

This month we recommend the exhibition on Piero Gilardi that started on 5.09.2020 at the Michel Rein gallery in Paris. Titled “Dalla Natura all’Arte” (transl. “from nature to art”), the exhibition on Piero Gilardi includes the revolutionary early works of the 60’s and arrive to the most recent ones. In the exhibitions are shown also the famous masks and costumes created for the demonstrations of the workers and the ecologist movements. It is also presented a selection of works on paper, preparatory drawings for the famous “tappeti natura” (transl. nature carpets) series, artworks realized in foam and latex. Industrial and chemical products that Gilardi uses to re-create the nature that the pollution destroyed. Once again the work of Piero Gilardi started in the 60’s is more actual than ever, a philosophy always sensible to the topics of the sustainability and the environment. The exhibition on Piero Gilardi at Michel Rein gallery can be visited till 24.10.2020.

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