Munari Bruno

Bruno Munari was born on 24th October  1907, Milan–died September 30, 1998, Milan) was an Italian artist and graphic designer, a proponent of the Italian Futurist movement, and one of the founders of the Italian movement for concrete art—Movimento Arte Concreta (MAC) . He had a strong intellect, culture, and inclination toward the arts, which allowed him to contribute to all fields of the visual arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, industrial and graphic design, and film), as well as literature and poetry.  After World War II, Munari was disillusioned by Italian Futurism due to its Fascist tones and decided to disassociate himself from it, and in 1948, Munari, Gillo Dorfles, Gianni Monnet, and Atanasio Soldati founded the Movimento Arte Concreta (MAC). It is during this time, the late 1940s and 1950s, that Munari’s interest in design peaked and when he produced many light fixtures, ash trays, televisions, espresso machines, and toys, among other objects. Later in his life, Munari became increasingly interested in the design and publication of children’s books, as well as in designing toys, though he had been producing books for children since the 1930s. For his books, he often used textured and tactile surfaces, and cutouts to facilitate the teaching about touch, movement, and color through kinesthetic learning. He passed away in Milan on 30th September 1998.

Unique Works